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Gig Listings: Week beginning February 21

21 Feb

Super Furry solo: Gruff Rhys


Monday, February 21

Morning Parade: Audio: £6.50

La Shark: Hope: £4.50

Andy C: Concorde: £11.00

Nancy Elizabeth: Latest: £7.50

Tuesday, February 22

James Yorkston: Brighton Ballroom: £11.00

Jamie Woon: Audio: £9.50

Wednesday, February 23

Glasser: Hope: £8.00

British Sea Power: Komedia: SOLD OUT

Flood Of Red: Albert: £6.00

Thursday, February 24

Grinspoon: Concorde: £11.00

Venetian Snares: Coalition: £12.00

Charlie Parr: Basement: £9.50

British Sea Power: Komedia: SOLD OUT

Friday, February 25

Roll Deep: Concorde: £12.23

Greg Wilson: Audio: SOLD OUT

James Blake: Life: SOLD OUT

Revolt: Concorde: £5.50

Saturday, February 26

Gay For Johnny Depp: Revenge: £6.50

Bermondsey Joyriders: Albert: £9.00

Gruff Rhys: St Georges: SOLD OUT

Darkstar: Coalition: £8.00

Exlovers: Jam: £7.50

Revolution: Volks: £5.50

Sunday, February 27

Bearsuit: Hope: £7.00

Rock The Cuts: Albert: £8.50

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Live Review: Dean Wareham plays Galaxie 500 and Ringo Deathstarr

17 Feb



Playing Galaxie 500: Dean Wareham


Komedia, Wednesday, February 16 2011

Ringo Deathstarr only play for 20 minutes, but it takes only 20 seconds to realise these Texan shoegazing disciples are nothing short of blistering live.

The trio pummel you into submission with fuzzed-up My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain inspired songs, all with just enough of an underlying melody to keep you hooked.

Big-haired guitarist Elliot Frazier and female bassist Alex Gehring share singing duties, but it’s when the latter takes over on songs like ‘Imagine Hearts’ that they come into their own.

The contrast between her silky vocals and a barrage of biting guitar is immense, and incredibly impressive. Okay, It’s nothing new and it’s never going to change the world, but it’s bloody good.

The frenzied support set couldn’t be further removed from Dean Wareham.

He sauntered on stage seemingly oblivious to how excited many people were at the prospect of seeing him play Galaxie 500 songs, 20 years after the hugely influential band’s demise.

With three album’s worth of dreamy and enigmatic material to pick from, Wareham didn’t scrimp when it came to delivering the favourites.

Aided by his partner Britta on bass and a touring drummer, Snowstorm got an early outing, showcasing Wareham’s trademark eerie vocals and stripped down guitar-lines to fine effect before one of the highlights of debut album ‘Today’, their tender take on Jonathan Richman’s ‘Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste’, got a rapturous reception.

While the crowd was by no means large, probably 150 at most, you knew that those present had waited a long time to see these songs live. But it was a sense of expectation and anticipation that seemed lost on Wareham. He was never known for engaging in much banter or putting on a visual performance, but at times tonight it felt like he was going through the motions.

As the set went on, the likes of ‘Tugboat’ and ‘Fourth of July’ reaffirmed why no-one here would have missed the chance of seeing them played live, but I’m not sure if Wareham was relishing playing them.

Galaxie 500 were criminally underrated in their day, but there’s plenty of people today who want to give them the credit they are due. Maybe Wareham just needs to embrace it a little bit more.

Gig Listings: Week beginning February 14

14 Feb

On your marks, get set...The Go Team! are live in Brighton on Wednesday.


Tuesday, February 15

Sleigh Bells: Digital: £9.50

Wolf People: Albert: £7.50

Emily Barker & the Red Clay Halo: Latest: £7.50

Duke Garwood: Hectors: £5.50

Wednesday, February 16

The Go! Team: Concorde: £13.00

Devil Sold His Soul: Digital: £8.00

Dean Wareham Plays Galaxie 500: Komedia: £14.00

Thursday, February 17

Bleech: Komedia: £6.50

Sarah Mcclurg: Albert: £8.50

Beardyman: Digital: £9.00

Twin Shadow: Audio: £8.50

Jam Tarts: Komedia: £8.50

Saturday, February 19

Grasscut: Hope: £6.50

Crazy Arm: Hydrant: £6.50

Jam Tarts: Komedia: £8.50

Dinosaur Pile Up: Audio: £8.00

Erol Alkan: Digital: £11.00

Jimmy Webb: St Marys Church: £24.50

Sunday, February 20

Suuns: Hope: £7.50

Live Review: Freelance Whales and Broken Records

8 Feb


Freelance Whales: Flashes of pop perfection


Audio: Saturday, February 5 2011

If there’s any justice in the world, Edinburgh’s Broken Records will follow the path of compatriots Biffy Clyro and Frightened Rabbit to bigger and better things.

It took the Biff five albums before the masses paid attention, and three long-players in, Frightened Rabbit have finally been given a shot on major label.

For now though, touring on the back of October’s second album ‘Let Me Come Home’, Broken Records are going to have to slum it. ‘We had to get changed it a shitty janitor’s room’, quipped singer Jamie Sutherland. Now Audio’s a fine venue, but these vast anthems deserve to get a bigger airing.

Their hour-long slot is full of soaring soundscapes, packed with taut, crunching guitars alongside violin (it shouldn’t work, but it does), understated piano and topped off with Sutherland’s bellowing vocals.

If there’s any criticism, it’s that they are too polished and too professional. The tunes are here, but they’re never quite letting go. Let rip fellas, then go forth and conquer.

New York’s Freelance Whales are something all together different. They combine the electro-pop sensibilities of Lemon Jelly and the jauntiness of Vampire Weekend while throwing in hints of a darker and denser sound on their newer material.

Their opening numbers, however, provide a lesson in pop perfection. Stand out tracks from last year’s ‘Weathervanes’ debut album, ‘Hannah’, ‘Generator, 1st Floor’ and ‘Kilojoules’ are all fired up early doors.

They are harmony-laden gems which would rot your ears if they were any sweeter. It’s impressive stuff, but they set a standard in the opening 20 minutes that they can’t sustain.

It’s a point alluded to by singer Judah Dadone when he apologetically announced they’d have to play some new songs because they were struggling to fill their hour.

The set tailed off a little towards the end, with the exception of ‘Location’, a ridiculously infectious track with a guitar riff that bears more than a passing resemblance to Squeeze’s ‘Up The Junction’.

Given time, this five-piece should have enough material to do a full headline slot justice. For now though, it’s part absolute killer, but a little too much filler.

Gig Listings: Week beginning February 7

7 Feb

Fuzzy Logic: Sad Day for Puppets bring their swirling sounds to Jam on Saturday.

Monday, February 7

Lulu & The Lampshades: Hope: £4.50

Wednesday, February 9

Little Comets: Audio: £6.50

The Phoneix Foundation: Hope: £7.50

Man Like Me: Jam: £7.50

Thursday, February 10

Vile Imbeciles: Hope: £4.50

Teddy Thompson: Komedia: £14.00

Remember Remember: Green Door Store: £6.50

Friday, February 11

Love Thy Neighbour: Hope: £3.50

Damo Suzuki: Green Door Store: £6.50

Saturday, February 12

Sad Day For Puppets: Jam: £5.50

Vic Goddard/Subway Sect: Hydrant: £8.50

Hospitality: Digital: £14.50

Carnivalesque: Komedia: £11.00

Love & Hate: Volks: £6.50/5.50NUS

Kings Of The Jungle: Concorde: £8.50

Doctor’s Orders (J Dilla tribute): Jam: £5.50

Sunday February 13

Singing Adams (Broken Family Band): Basement: £6.50

Kayo Dot: Hectors: £7.50

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