Live Review: Trophy Wife

3 Mar

The Hope: Wednesday, March 2 2011

For reasons known only to themselves, Oxford’s Trophy Wife choose to describe their music as ‘ambitionless office disco’.

The phrase smacks of nine-to-five tedium in an open-plan hell hole where the only sound is soulless piped music in the lift, and it is a world away from adequately reflecting the captivating and at times exhilarating live show witnessed tonight.

In a 30 minute set they display a depth of sound rare for a band who have only just released their second single.

Debut release ‘Microlight’ is a sassy slice of downbeat electro pop with a looping disco beat fusing together brooding synths, chiming guitars and disconnected vocals.

Foot-tapper ‘The Quiet Earth’  reveals the band’s live pedigree as it’s catapulted out of its radio-friendly slumber by throbbing bass and an infectious hook, but it’s their cover of Joanna Newsom’s ‘The Book of Right On’ which steals the show.

It sees singer Jody Prewett shake off his detached coolness to lead a pulsating five-minute finale reminiscent of Delphic at their euphoric best.

They might be dire at self-description, but on this showing Trophy Wife are the band most likely to get the indie kids dancing at festivals this summer.


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