Live Review: Pete and The Pirates

14 Apr

Ahoy there: Pete and The Pirates

Audio:  Tuesday, April 12 2011.

Let’s be frank, 2011 hasn’t been grand. Everyone’s skint, wars are raging and natural disasters are more frequent than a Katie Price divorce case.

What we need now is a good time. And with floor-filling indie disco tunes like Come to the Bar – complete with lines like ‘he’s got good shoes, he’s got sticky fingers, dancing around ’til the carpet gets thin’ – now is the time for Pete and The Pirates.

Three years ago their debut long-player Little Death was packed with more sure-fire singles than a trainspotters’ convention and on tonight’s evidence, next month’s One Thousands Pictures isn’t going to disappoint either.

Frontman Tom Sanders is a born entertainer, careering around the stage, arms flailing as the band rattles through their set, which sounds much heavier live, though no less melodic, than on record.

They play old favourites Come On Feet and Mr Understaning but it’s newbies Little Gun and Half Moon Street which really fire up the crowd.

The former, despatched three songs in, marks a change in pace and thunders along while the latter is a slower pop classic, the likes of which The Killers used to excel at before Brandon Flowers forgot what a tune was.

Combining quintessentially English, jaunty indie-pop with wry lyrics isn’t groundbreaking, but when it’s played with a charming, rather than arrogant, swagger and a generous helping of showmanship, it’s just the tonic in these trying times.


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