Live Review: Herman Dune

6 Jun

Coalition, Sunday, June 5 2011
It’s easy to see why John Peel loved Herman Dune.

There’s a fierce independence to the Paris-based folk-pop duo that the late-great DJ would have revelled in.

Without a care for fleeting fads and trends, they’ve spent the best part of the last decade relentlessly recording and playing live.

And on tonight’s showing it’s given them a slick sound and a dedicated fanbase which was prepared to brave the Sunday night showers to see the show.

The hour-and-a-half long set spans their entire back catalogue and reveals they’re one of very few bands capable of mixing and matching markedly differing emotions without ever sounding contrived.

One minute you’re grinning at the tender lines in the cheery and breezy summer-pop tune Lay Your Head on My Chest, the next you are revelling in the darker, more brooding new track Strange Moosic.

It’s all woven together with frontman David Ivar’s laidback patter and warm conversations with the crowd. “Next time we’ll bring the sunshine”, he promises, seemingly far too modest to realise that no-one cares about the weather when they’ve just had their pre-Monday morning blues banished by his band’s style and charm.


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