Live Review: Milk Maid

16 Jun


Jam: Wednesday, June 15 2011  

Last week Milk Maid were interviewed on a national radio station. It was painful listening. Clearly uncomfortable, frontman Martin Cohen was unable to articulate the point or purpose of his new band.

Stick him on a stage with his three bandmates, though, and it all makes perfect sense. This is where he belongs.

Despite playing to a half-empty room, Milk Maid put on a stellar show, quickly rattling through the majority of their debut album ‘Yucca’.

Unsurprisingly, there’s no nattering between songs or acknowledgement of the crowd apart from the odd “cheers”. Instead they prefer to bombard you with sound as they unleash their three-minute, heavily distorted yet ridiculously tuneful numbers.

There are traces of their Mancunian heritage, not least with some Stone Roses-esque basslines, but the care-free vocals and catchy hooks are more reminiscent of West Coast America than their native North West.

The undoubted highlight is current single, ‘Not Me’. With its dense, sweeping melody, giddy vocals and choppy drums, it has been skillfully crafted to the extent that it sounds like it was created with effortless ease.

Harsh critics may question if a headline set really ought to last more than half an hour, but Milk Maid clearly operate on an all-killer no-filler basis.
It’s a wise policy…just don’t expect them to want to talk about it.


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