Live Review: The Wave Pictures

21 Jun

Prince Albert, Saturday, June 18 2011

Some bands have the luck of being in the right place at the right time and bag a pretty easy ride to success on the back of the musical zeitgeist of the day.

Then there’s the likes of The Wave Pictures, where it seems the odds are stacked firmly against them.

After all, they’re from the backwaters of rural Leicestershire, musically they belong in the whimsical yet tuneful indie archives of the mid 80s and they had to toil away for ten years self-releasing albums before a label took a punt on them.

Conversely and somewhat perversely, it’s this dedication to their cause and strength of spirit that the 150 people packed inside The Albert not only love, but respect.

Their attitude is perfectly embodied by drummer Johnny Helm who has to be ordered to stop selling t-shirts and chatting to fans to join his bandmates on stage so the gig could start.

Once underway they pick and mixed their way through their back catalogue. There are no musical surprises, just a fine collection of songs featuring singer David Tattersall’s wry and sardonic vocals on top of jaunty guitar which skits above a tight rhythm section.

Despite releasing their ninth album only last month, they’re already showcasing new material with ‘Seagull’ signalling a more polished, sing-a-long pop sound.

As prolific and consistent as they’ve been, their best could still be to come.


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