Live Review: Tribes

7 Jul

Prince Albert, Wednesday, July 6 2011

If you only like your music earnest, moody and liked by no more than 10 people, then shuffle away now, this really isn’t for you.

London four-piece Tribes are here for the rest of us, the thrill-seeking majority who like to have fun every now and again, preferably with arms aloft, beer in hand and swaying along to belting choruses which are destined to become unrelenting earworms.

Ok, as an art form, their Britpop-infused, glam-tinted sing-along tunes are about as novel as a Hugh Hefner marriage proposal.

But, as the name Tribes suggest, they immediately unify the sell-out crowd by flashing a few cheeky grins and showing everyone here a good time.

With their shaggy haircuts, chest-exposing T-Shirts and wide-eyed wonder, they might look like they are making-up songs as they go along, but they haven’t created infectious gems like these without hours of finger-bleeding rehearsals.

What’s more, on this showing they are building up an almost obsessive following. The stomping next single ‘Sappho’ isn’t out until next month but plenty here know it word-for-word, while their debut release ‘We Were Children’ – complete with the catchiest chorus this side of a Supergrass greatest hits album – sees the lads at the front dancing along arm-in-arm.

Let the musical snobs sneer…Tribes, and the rest of us, are too busy having a good time to care.


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