Live Review: All The Young

12 Jul

Jam: Sunday, July 10 2011

Stoke isn’t known for being a creative powerhouse.

And judging by the snarling, sprightly and simple lad rock peddled out by All The Young, this isn’t going to change any time soon.

In fact, the quartet are to popular music what the long throw-ins of Stoke City’s Rory Delap are to the beautiful game; somewhat soul-destroying yet annoyingly effective.

It’s all Morrissey’s fault anyway. The daft so and so has only gone and declared them his favourite new band. God knows why. After all, this is sound of 1996. Back then Chris Evans would have had All They Young on TFI Friday like a shot and, in all likelihood, they’d have become huge.

There’s no doubt tonight shows they’ve got all the prerequisites; A chipper and bolshie frontman with a sub- standard Gallagher drawl? Check.

A few shoutable tunes that would go down well with anyone who thought The Twang were the musical future a few years back? Check.

Lyrics woeful enough to be recited en masse by lager-fuelled lads in Ben Sherman shirts? Check.

A combined product hummable enough to become a collection of driving anthems for middle-aged dads from Milton Keynes? Yep, check.

They’ve got the swagger and self-belief too, even managing to put in a remarkably boisterous performance despite playing to only 15 people.

Credit where credit’s due, All The Young are competent at what they do, but in a day and age when so many acts are pushing creative boundaries, we don’t need a Northern Uproar for the 21st century.

Just ask NME favourites yet perpetual chart flops Brother.


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