Live Review: Art Brut

12 Oct

Haunt: Tuesday, October 11 2011

 “I’m 32 now”, bellowed Art Brut’s main man Eddie Argos mid-way through a typically chaotic and charm-fuelled performance.

Why he felt the need to share this was unclear because there’s no sign of him toning down his unhinged, livewire act.

Tonight he rushed on to stage as the band banged out Guns n Roses’ ‘Paradise City’ and unleashed an ungainly high-kick to signal the start of a frenetic opening which culminated in ‘Axl Rose’, Argos’ homage to his “favourite lead singer”.

The frontman happily admitted that he sang for the first time on latest album ‘Brilliant! Tragic!’ but there was little evidence of it here.

Even on the relatively soothing ‘Sealand’ he still erred firmly on the side of shouting and ranting as it descended into a crashing finale.

Let’s be frank, though, no-one expected polished professionalism and, besides, their between-track banter and mad ramblings are as big a part of the show as the music.

Half-way through the set Argos waded into the crowd mid-song, embarking on a rant about the admission cost at an Amsterdam art gallery. As he chuntered on he demanded everyone crouched down – and everyone did – before cheerily admitting he’d “not really thought this through” and that he didn’t have a “dignified exit plan”.

It’s this improvised lunacy and his immense likeability that has seen Art Brut stay the pace when many other foot-to-the-floor, shout-along bands have fallen by the wayside over the past seven years.

 Tonight they were enthralling and entertaining in equal measure. Long may they continue.


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