Comedy Review: Daniel Sloss

29 Nov

Komedia: Sunday, November 27 2011
Still only 21, Daniel Sloss is no stranger to success with sell-out runs at the Edinburgh Festival and in the West End, as well as several TV panel show appearances under his belt.

But there’s no escaping his age, partly because of his boyish looks and also because his material is peppered with references to it.

He started with digs at people who are old in age or attitude, while throwing in some gentle gags about his life. He told us he’d just moved out of his parents’ house and was shocked to discover the fridge didn”t automatically fill up with food every Wednesday. It wasn’t groundbreaking, but it wasn’t bad.

What was lame, though, were his frequent warnings that some of the set was going to be shocking. Sadly, it was nothing of the sort.

There was no foul, Jim Jeffries-style rage here, just a bit of sub-Frankie Boyle bluster at easy targets.

There was a pop at Christianity where Jesus was the “wizard in the sky that doesn’t exist”, a couple of odd lines about homosexuality “is that why Brighton is such a clean place?”, and dated jokes about Steve Irwin and Schindler’s List.

It’s a shame, because he clearly has the patter, persona and delivery to impress more.

There were some genuinely funny moments, such as his tale of booking a trip to Disney World with a male friend and the travel agent asking which one of them was dying, as well as his reaction to a lack of audience interaction, “you can talk to me, it’s not grooming”, he said.

In the main, however, his material doesn’t shock, sparkle or come close to living up to the hype.


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