Comedy Review: Chris Ramsey – Offermation

13 Mar

Komedia: Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chris Ramsey’s second show, Offermation, is a good-natured, hour-long routine about information that is given, but not asked for.

Hooked, albeit very loosely, on three round-robin Christmas letters he received from Bren and Mike – distant relatives he’d never met – Ramsey finds hilarity in the mundane and plenty of belly laughs from these most unlikely of sources.

This is due, in part, to his eye-for-detail material, but largely because of his passionate North-East delivery and ability to veer away from the crux of the set, while somehow always managing to tie his ramblings back to the central theme.

So, in addition to his forensic dissection of the dull letters, we get his views on a host of other issues, such as the latest male fashion trends, “It’s like the Hitler Youth has been dragged through AllSaints”, and the TV show Geordie Shore, “It’s like a close-up on a Petri dish of Chlamydia”.

In a somewhat predictable pay-off, the show ends with Ramsey revealing he made contact with Bren and Mike and had a great evening with them, leading him to glorify offermation, instead of condemning it.

In the hands of someone less charming or talented, this could appear sickeningly saccharine, but with Ramsey you’re pleased it turned out so well.

He is a sure-fire star of the future – catch him in intimate venues like this while you can.


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