Live Review: Future Of The Left

18 Jun

The Haunt: Wednesday, June 13, 2012

If there’s music for every occasion, then Future of the Left exist for the times when nothing but an almighty wall of noise and lyrics so cutting that they’d slice off your ears will suffice.

As they showed in front of a staunchly partisan crowd, the Welsh four-piece don’t do things by half; they are ear-ringingly loud, unflinchingly intense and totally uncompromising.

High-octane versions of Arming Eritrea and Chin Music were breathlessly belted out at breakneck speed and, even when they toned it down on the likes of Small Bones and Small Bodies, there is no way their onslaught of chain-saw guitar, unrelenting bass and lacerating vocals can be described as anything other than a total sonic assault on the senses.

It’s classic shock and awe tactics, even if the accompanying, blindingly bright strobe lighting was an attack too far. Even the US army’s Torturer-in-Chief would have ruled it was  inhumane and stuck in a couple of energy-saving 40 watt bulbs instead.

That was the only complaint, though, and readily forgiven, especially after they dropped in a couple of classics from former band Mclusky.

The manic mantra-like To Hell With Good Intentions and the chaotic screamer Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues were played with as much venom and passion as when they were first released more than 10 years ago, before they closed with a furious, extended version of Lapsed Catholics which ended with singer Andy Falkous held aloft by the crowd, wide-eyed, shirtless and sweating.

Like his band, it might not be especially pretty, but it’s one hell of a spectacle.


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