Post War Years – Live

24 Jul

The Hope: Thursday, July 19

It must be difficult headlining when half the crowd scarpered after the local support act, but if genre-hopping four-piece Post War Years were a tad miffed, they didn’t show it.

They said, without bitterness, that they were looking forward to supporting Brighton’s Kins in future. So far, so endearing, but they could do with a bit of swagger to go alongside their sincerity, because their output certainly deserved it.

After starting with a couple of jabbing, 80s-infused tracks which favoured repetitive rhythms over killer hooks, ‘Growl’ provided a more substantial statement of intent with its layers of stuttering keys and whooping backing harmonies cooly kept in check by some impressive, regimental drums.

Next they deployed a three-pronged attack of synths and keys to stack up a meaty sound not dissimilar to the trippy, beat-laden efforts of Delphic, before veering off into some stop-start, euphoric  indie, and a bit of Metronomy-lite bass-driven pop.

Don’t expect to immediately be bowled over by catchy choruses, though. These smart songs don’t as much smack you around the chops on first listen, as prick your interest to listen to them again.

Which isn’t a bad marketing tactic at all, is it?


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