Ty Segall – Live

3 Aug

Green Door Store, Brighton: Wednesday, August 1 2012

If there was a night to forget your earplugs, this wasn’t it.

Ty Segall might look like a stereotypical San Fran slacker with his
shaggy blond mop and laidback demeanour, but his live show mirrors his prolific output. It’s relentless.

Having already released two albums this year with a third due before
Christmas, he’s not one um and ah when it comes to recording.

And he’s far from shy when it comes to churning out his quickfire,
scuzzed-up, garage rock racket on stage too; the distortion pedals were
plastered to the floor and the amps he didn’t blow up in the
soundcheck (seriously) were turned up so loud that noise pollution officials within a ten-mile radius were no doubt getting twitchy.

There were almighty howling guitar screeches, big, dirty streams of
feedback and crashing cymbals – and that was just in the first 30
seconds of the opener.

From then on, there was no preening or pretence as Segall and his band
ruthlessly dispatched a tinnitus-inducing tirade of fast-paced,
riff-heavy numbers. 

Amid the glorious din, it was Segall’s vocals that prevented the set from becoming a tad too one-dimensional with a mix of thundering verses, lacerating squarks and the occasional snear-cum-whine.

Nevertheless, it’d still be easy to chide Segall for a repertoire that is far from novel and has been done to death. And it’ll no doubt be done again. But towards the end, as those down the front crowdsurfed, swung from the rafters and clambered on to the stage, it seemed doubtful that anyone else could do it better.


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