Rachel Sermanni – Live

24 Sep

Latest Music Bar: Sunday, September 23 2012

They must raise their kids on nothing but the smoothest single malt whisky and lashings of honey in the Scottish Highlands.

It’s the only possible explanation for how the slightly built 20-year-old Rachel Sermanni can have such a voice; it flits from a velvety boom deep enough to stir the soul to a fragile whisper that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

If you couldn’t see her, you’d swear blind you were listening to someone at least twice her age, whose rich, emotive tones and sentiments came from being around the block a few times. And probably in the wrong direction.

But her subtly shifting, solo acoustic numbers were so accomplished and natural – probably because many of them were littered with vivid references to the stunning landscapes of her home – that there were no doubts about their authenticity.

In between songs she regailed us with a steady stream of effortless, charming chatter. It wasn’t the usual ‘how are you?’, ‘It’s lovely to be here’ age-old, time-filling waffle, but intricate, self-deprecating tales of how songs came about (from working in a burger van to disturbing dreams), as well as where they were recorded (one, in a hut in the mountains with friends…and plenty of booze).

Sermanni is a rare, natural talent – the 20 year-old Glenfiddich among the massed ranks of supermarket scotch, if you will.


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