Micah P Hinson – Live

16 Nov

The Basement: Saturday, November 10 2012.

Micah P Hinson tells us of a lad he knew at school who was screwed up by a domineering dad and weak-willed mother. “He had no chance”, he said, adding a few years later, after a row with his wife, he walked into another room and “BANG…that was the end of him…it gets us all in the end.”

Saturday night clearly isn’t party night in the Hinson household. Thankfully, the Memphis-born and Texas-raised raconteur comes from a long line of performers whose gritty and at times despondent subject matter is offset by a warm and witty persona – evident here with chatter about Fry and Laurie, Alan Partridge and the tale of how he proposed to his wife on stage at the Union Chapel in London.

It was the perfect foil to an hour and a half set in which he ran the whole gamut of human emotions with a raw intensity and guttural power seldom produced by just one, very slight, man and a battered guitar; Imagine the mumbling, maudlin verses of Josh T Pearson being shattered by the raucous squalling choruses of Bright Eyes and you’re almost there.

I’m gonna play some songs and see which ones stick”, he said at the start of the set.  Most of them will still need peeling from the walls today.


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