Stand Up For The Hall – Comedy Review

25 Jan


Komedia: Saturday, January 12 2013

Kudos to co-headliners Alastair Barrie and Nick Page – both seasoned professionals on the national stand-up circuit – for giving up their time for free to help Prestonville residents raise £200,000 to buy Exeter Street hall for community use.

Barrie smartly honed in on Brighton for much of his set – but thankfully avoided the well-trodden clichés of it being the “gay capital” or “stag-do central” so popular with many visiting comedians.

Instead, his observation that the city only had such a large number of white people with dreadlocks to overcome the guilt “for not having many black people living here” cleverly pricked the conscience.

Page, for his part, revelled in the fact that he had royally messed up his life, telling us he went to the top three schools in the country and hosted day-time drivel Escape to the Country, before a compulsion for infidelity and dodgy dealings left him with three divorces and a £250,000 fraud conviction.

He suggested it might be time to change his ways, though, after realising he’d been a best man nine times, yet never a godfather. “That’s the making of a dick,” he admitted, which might be true, but at least he’s a very funny one.

Despite two stonking sets, it will be Norway-born and Brighton-based Ingrid Dahle’s act that lives longest in the memory – mainly for a physical routine where she  turned a pair of Primark jogging bottoms into a wardrobe full of outfits.

A combination of quirkiness and deft timing means she should be destined for stardom.


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