Caitlin Rose: Live

11 Mar


The Haunt: Monday, February 25 2013

Caitlin Rose did something quite extraordinary; she stunned a packed-out crowd into silence. Total silence.

In a day when many people seem to go to gigs for a natter at the back rather than the music, that’s no mean feat.

But Rose is something special. Still only 25, tonight she showcased a batch of tracks from new album The Stand In that showed she’s edging away from the bourbon-soaked, lovelorn acoustic ballads of debut Own Side Now and cranking it up a notch with the backing of a full band.

Opener No One to Call set the up-tempo standard, with its slide guitar and backing harmonies all drenched by Rose’s spiky Tennessee drawl. Likewise, the searing riff that kick-started Menagerie typified the more adventurous approach – leaving Rose centre stage unable to contain an almighty grin.

It was Sinful Wishing Well, though, that stole that show and silenced the chattering classes. On stage on her own and curled around an acoustic guitar, she delivered a vocal performance that will live long in the memory. At times it was hushed, almost sultry, at others it lashed out and soared.

“Though I don’t know when I’ll hit the bottom, I’ve been falling for so long that I can’t tell,” she confessed on the chorus. 

Her career trajectory, however, is clearly going in the opposite direction.


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