Alan Francis – Live

3 Apr


Komedia: Friday, March 29, 2013

Alan Francis is the least flashy comedian you are likely to see.

The veteran Scottish stand-up doesn’t do bravado or theatrics – instead he delivered a beautifully crafted comedic monologue that railed against the many things that get his goat.

Some of the subjects  have been done to death for years – such as suicide bombers, automated toilet doors on trains and the march of technology – but Francis’ mastery of language, story-telling skill and eye for the absurd managed to make any stale subject matter fizz.

His take on phone sex, for instance, eschewed the predictable gags and instead imagined Alexander Graham Bell making the first seedy call, while a rant against the tyranny of email ended with him composing a spam telegram.

Politics, however, is his main passion and he berated all of the parties for wasting what he said should be a golden age for everyone. In a succinct and withering indictment of the political class, he admits to preferring Ed Miliband over David Cameron, but only in the way he prefers “hard shit over diarrhoea”.

Despite his evident discontent, he avoided slipping into grumpy old man territory by maintaining an overwhelming sense of optimism – typified by an impassioned piece of oratory in praise of the kids who took part in the Occupy protests.

At a time when any rent-a-gob in a pair of skinny jeans can get on the television, Francis’ considered insights and intelligent musings are the perfect antidote.


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