Stornoway – Live

3 Apr


Concorde 2: Wednesday, March 20, 2013

There are more instruments on Stornoway’s stage than on display in the Shoreditch branch of Cash Converters; there’s everything from the standard guitars, drums and bass to mandolins and a mass of keyboards, violins and a double bass.

If you’ve got them, you might as well use them, especially when you are a bunch of sickeningly talented multi-instrumentalists who at times tonight seamlessly fused the artistry of true craftsmen with some stomping, crowd-pleasing tunes.

At other times, though, they could frustrate the hell out of you with songs that would require CPR for a week to get going.

The fact they knew how to play was instantly evident to the sell-out crowd as they entered the stage to the stirring violin beginnings of recent single Knock To The Head until it was skillfully submerged by deep bass drum booms and singer Brian Briggs’ punchy acoustic guitar.

The more demonstrative The Coldharbour Road was also dispatched with aplomb , powered by some echoey drums and additional beats created by one of the band hitting a handheld wooden concoction that looked like it had been made on Blue Peter while the presenter was under the influence.

But there were also a hefty number of tracks which were either woefully flimsy and limp throughout, or took an age to burst into life.

So for every anthemic Fuel Up there was an anemic The Bigger Picture – which with these lot, is exactly what you have to keep in mind. Because, for all their inconsistencies, when they are on the money, they’re not far from being priceless.


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