Boothby Graffoe: Nomad. No Sane Either – Live

19 Apr


Komedia: Thursday, April 11 2013

Boothby Graffoe is a master of contradictions, simultaneously acting the comic clown while effortlessly spinning the plates of wry observational humour and improvised wit.

You are never quite sure which tangent he’s likely to go off on next. And part of his charm is that it doesn’t look like he does either.

It’s all for show though, because there’s no way he could skip from musings about the downgrading of the economy, talking rabbits and dodgy uncles in the space of 30 seconds – and make it work – if it wasn’t painstakingly constructed.

Graffoe is probably best known for his off-kilter musical offerings, and he didn’t disappoint in this regard either. ‘Hartlepool’ reflected on the hanging of a monkey in the town during the Napoleonic War – complete with some fine audience participation – while the animal theme continued with the absurd ‘Baseball Playing Spider’ – “he was afraid of killing Arabs, he was Iraq-no-phobic”.

It’s his ability to mix the weird and wonderful with some cutting comment that makes Graffoe a real treat, though.

Imagining the privatisation of the police, he said dialling 999 would lead to a recorded message stating “press one if you are being attacked; press two if you are being attacked by a man with a weapon; or get the attacker to press three if you think fingerprints would be useful in this case.”

Everyone here would have liked the option of pressing four to listen to Graffoe again.


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