Brighton Fringe Review – Jonny and the Baptists

7 May


Komedia: Saturday, May 4, 2013

High octane musical comedy rabble-rousers Jonny and the Baptists don’t conform to stereotypes.

Not only does self-confessed posh lad Jonny Donahue sound like an old Etonian while looking like a Cockney wide boy in his flat cap, but they are one of very few acts whose politically motivated songs don’t ever grate with even a hint of right-on indignation because they are expertly infused with biblical proportions of sillyness and surrealism.

Their opening number about saving libraries sought to put the “oo” back into “books” by persuading people to have sex in said premises – although “not in the children’s section”; Scottish independence was tackled with the ‘love song’ Scotland Don’t Leave Me which compared devolution to a trial separation and concluded that England “can’t bring up little Wales without you”; while their lament to the diminishing number of traditional pubs rightly revealed a visceral hatred for those establishments which flog wasabi nuts instead of pickled eggs.

The musical offerings were interspersed with bucketfuls of bluster and bonhomie from the infectious Donahue whose seemingly unlimited confidence was countered by some essential self-deprecating charm – even if they have “been on Radio 4 you know”.

If they carry on like this, their congregation will soon stretch much further and wider than that.


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