Brighton Fringe Review – Phil Kay

7 May


The Temple Bar: Sunday, May 5, 2013

It says a lot about the free-spirited nature of veteran comedian Phil Kay that he started his annual fringe appearances with an hour-long bike ride for willing participants.

It says even more that he didn’t have a bike, hence numerous tweets throughout the afternoon from promoters asking if he could borrow one.

Anyone who’s seen the Glaswegian’s frenetic, rambling comedy routines will know he takes the same haphazard approach to stand up as he does to bicycle procurement; he’s far more inclined to wing it and hope for the best than come equipped with something that’s been expertly crafted for his particular needs.

And that’s why he’s one most of exhilarating performers around.

The only thing you can legitimately expect is the unexpected – as was the case here with an hour-long mishmash of inane waffle, out-there musings and booze-soaked recollections loosely hooked on the good old bike.

He regaled the crowd with tales about numerous cycle-related scrapes, run-ins with the old bill, falling victim to thieves and the joys of free-wheeling at night while tanked up – not to mention frantically careering off at numerous unrelated tangents whenever the mood took him.

Kay is the ultimate comedic easy rider; you have to hop on the back of his rattling tandem and be prepared to go wherever he fancies. You won’t be disappointed.


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