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The Lovely Eggs – Live

4 Oct


West Hill Hall: Saturday, September 28.

“It’s good to be back playing a bring-your-own-booze gig in a glorified scout hut,” shouted The Lovely Eggs singer and guitarist Holly Ross, adding: “This is our kinda place!”

She wasn’t wrong. If there’s one band ill-suited to trendy venues, it’s them.

The husband and wife duo have a bigger DIY ethos than B&Q, so it was no surprise their down-to-earth demeanour, glorious guitar-pop rackets and comic-cum-observational lyrics found a loving home in a sold-out community hall packed with people clutching carrier bags straining with bottles of booze.

The Lancaster duo didn’t wait long to make a lasting and likeable impression – with the opening track jokingly re-arranged to include lines about David’s drum kit difficulties, before the manic minute-long shoutfest of ‘People are Twats’ suitably set the standard for the next hour of contagious clatter and charming chatter.

Swigging back another cider, Ross insisted clapping was essential, no matter how short some of their songs were. But this audience really didn’t need to be told, as it repeatedly showed its affection for a band which has stayed true to its ideals without becoming miserable martyrs to a cause.

The Lovely Eggs, you really can’t beat ’em.

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