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Robin Ince and Michael Legge – Pointless Anger, Righteous Ire.

12 Feb

Legge ince

Tuesday, January  14, 2014: Upstairs at Three and Ten

 The premise was simple; this was a collective Grumpy Old Men where Ince, Legge and the audience revealed what really got their goat before everyone else decided if it was pointless anger or righteous ire.

The duo’s complaints – including banal questions from journalists and songs that only sound okay when heard from a passing car – got plenty of giggles but the big laughs came when they reacted to the audience’s gripes.

While Ince’s inner geek went into overdrive over one person’s disgust at 3D objects incorrectly being portrayed as shapes, the highlight was Legge’s baffled expressions, mirroring the look on just about everyone else in the room.

The audience interaction also revealed some silky improv skills, with Legge craftily comparing the Irish troubles to tensions between Brighton and Hove, before concluding the West Pier was burnt down by the guy who invented Instagram so people would have something to snap.

All of this rambling was bizarrely interspersed by a stunning three song set from Martin Rossiter, before, naturally, one woman’s irritation at flimsy knicker elastic was picked apart at the seams.

“That sounds like what we’re compared to in our better reviews,” said Legge. But while cheap elastic will inevitably snap, the beauty of this show was that no-one knew what was coming next.

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