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Comedy review: Ardal O’Hanlon – Live

17 Sep


Brighton Theatre Royal: Sunday, September 15, 2013.

“Why do I still do this?” asked Father Ted and My Hero star Ardal O’Hanlon, seemingly baffled why, when pushing the age of 50, he still feels the need to waffle, wonder out loud and confess his “Irish Catholic” sins to a theatre full of people.

It clearly isn’t because he’s got some grand statement to make – this set was a gentle amble through his past and his surreal take on the present – or an overwhelming desire for fame (“I was doing this long before I played a priest”), but seemingly because it’s the only outlet he’s got for his deft and daft musings.

And thank Christ he’s still at.

His whimsical reminiscence about growing up in small town Ireland was sublime, revealing the locals thought anyone who left the parish was “either homosexual or vegetarian”, while his sideways reflections on leadership made a salient political point in a suitably silly manner concluding that Obama portrayed hope, Putin strength and Cameron and Clegg….shampoo and conditioner.

“I haven’t really got a big finish,” O’Hanlon admitted after an hour of convivial rambling, before adding the killer line, “this isn’t fecking Cats.”

He was right, this show was more akin to Father Ted’s musical masterpiece ‘My Lovely Horse’. And that’s altogether more impressive.


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