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Cate le Bon – Live

4 Mar


Monday, February 17, 2014: Komedia

You can probably count on one hand the number of people born in deepest, rural Carmarthenshire who have sought fame and fortune by scarpering to Los Angeles (Llanelli, maybe). But then a cursory listen to anything Cate le Bon has ever produced suggests she is as fond of convention as extreme Welsh nationalists are of English holiday home owners.

While her third album Mug Museum – recorded in the Golden State – has an extra sheen to it, tonight reinforced the fact that it still shimmered with the idiosyncratic charm, ramshackle musical clutter and off-the wall lyrical oddities that characterised its predecessors.

‘Are you with me now?’ was a prime case in point, swooping along like a dreamy cut of 60s pop, albeit it swelled with a murky undercurrent of fuzzy guitar noodling and piercing high-pitched sighs, giving it an overwhelmingly original edge.

Throughout, le Bon displayed bundles of stage presence, without always seeming to be present. While cutting a striking figure, thanks in part to Nicky Wire-levels of eyeliner, she displayed an air of cool detachment which at times suggested she was surveying proceedings rather than initiating them. In the hands of bigger egos, this might have grated, but who can blame her for a copping a good look at the dizzying array of superbly surreal yet sophisticated gems she created?


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